I like drawing Portraits

People are interesting to draw and when i want to practice a new way of working or I'm coming up with a concept for an illustration I will most likely draw a person. Which is why I gave it an entire page here on my website.


Inktober 2017 Portraits

This year I decided to participate in an Instagram challenge you might already know, called Inktober. It was a lot of fun but if was quite a challenge to come up with content for every day for 31 days. I began with working on some sketches from my September trip to Lithuania. Afterwards I looked history records to find interesting events or people to draw/illustrate. Some days were eventful some not, but I learned a ton of new facts and read about many interesting characters. Portraits in this album are just a fraction of all of my work for this year's Inktober. To view all of them just head on over to my Instagram page. 

Movie/Tv character Portraits

There is so many good movies and TV shows these days that I wanted to just just practice portraits on some of the people I was watching a lot at the time. The first one was of Kate McKinnon from Ghostbusters. I just love her comedy and she had such a great style in Ghostbusters that I immediately wanted to draw her. The second portrait is of Pedro Pascal from Narcos - one of the best TV series ever.