Efektivne rodicovstvo/effective parenting 

These illustrations were created for a small business Efektivne Rodicovstvo (Effective Parenting) which offers courses and consultation on parenting. Every one of these illustrations is based on a key word that summarises the philosophy of the parenting methods taught by ER such as 'Family Harmony', 'Communication', 'Collaboration', 'Understanding', 'Respect', 'Trust' and 'Responsibility'. This was such a joyful commission to make.



Courtesy and Respect

Family meals are a great way of showing respect to one another in the family just as the kids and the husband are listening to their mum and waiting for her to finish her meal. 



Listening and understanding each other is one of the main priorities for any relationship to function and Efektivne Rodicovstvo teaches parents how to show and teach that to their own children.